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Connecting as a Guest
to the Corporate Wireless Network

Greetings, {GP_GUEST_NAME}

You have been granted access to the company wireless network, which you can use to access both the World Wide Web and Internet, and to check your personal email.

Your guest pass key is: {GP_GUEST_KEY}


This guest pass is valid until {GP_VALID_TIME}


This guest pass is valid for {GP_VALID_DAYS} once activated, and has to be activated before {GP_VALID_TIME}


Connect your wireless-ready PC to this network: {GP_GUEST_WLAN}, as detailed in the instructions printed below.

Before you start, please review the following requirements.


  • A wireless-network-ready computer
  • The corporate "guest" network name
  • The guest pass (a text "key")


Using your guest pass to connect requires a series of two procedures: (1) connecting your PC to the company "guest" network, then (2) logging in as a qualified guest.

Finding the Wireless "Guest" Network

 1  On your PC/Windows desktop, check the system tray for a Wireless Connection icon (the tool tip reads "Wireless Network Connection/[name]").
 2  Right-click this icon and choose View Available Wireless Networks.
 3  When the Wireless Network Connection window appears, the "guest" WLAN will be listed.
 4  Select the WLAN "guest" network (various "neighbor nets" may also be listed) and click Connect.
 5  If a Wireless Network Connection confirmation dialog box asks you to confirm "connecting to an unsecured network", click Connect Anyway.
  A connection status dialog appears, while a network address is obtained and initial connection established.
 6  When the Wireless Network Connection window displays "Connected", you can close this window and proceed to the next procedure.

Logging into the Network as a Guest

 1  Start a web browser and try to connect to any valid Internet site. The wireless network login page automatically appears.
 2  Select "I'm a Guest and would like to access the Internet" and then click Next.
 3  When the WebUI "Guest Pass" page appears, enter the text of your guest pass key (by typing or pasting) and click Login.
  When the browser displays an WebUI "Authenticated" page, your connection is active.
 4  You can now check your personal email and browse the Web.


With a guest pass, you have access to the internet and World Wide web, but you cannot use any services such as file sharing, intranets, corporate email or printers. If these services are needed, have your company liaison/contact work with the IT department to set you up with full user access to the secure network.

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